What is Waterproof Paper ?

Water-repellent paper or can also be called oil paper, is one type of paper that is widely used today in the modern business world, even today street vendors or housing businesses do not want to be left behind. They also use food and beverage packaging that uses waterproof paper, not only at affordable prices but also as support for preserving nature, which is healthier and cleaner than plastic that is difficult to decompose.

The use of this waterproof paper has many uses, not only as food and beverage packaging but also for other fields such as wall decoration, stickers and much more. Paper that is waterproof and magnetic or waterproof and anti-bacterial. This additional capability is obtained as the particles are mixed with the monomer.

In addition, although the monomer used as a coating has been mixed with other particles, this paper is very safe to use for food and beverage packaging.
Indokertas.com provides waterproof paper such as Mg Paper Coating Palmwax, Paper Treatment, and wrapping paper with P.E laminated with banana leaf motif. This paper can be applied to waterproof food packaging or waterproof food boxes with laminated food grade paper materials.

Food grade waterproof and microwavable packaging is suitable for take away packaging with a modern packaging concept. This packaging will add value to the food products you sell. Plain ready stock products and logo printing requests are available with full color printing.
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