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Indo Kertas produce paper treatment especially paper coating and white opaque laminated back side. This paper have many advantage especially water proof and grease/oil proof. We also produce palmwax paper coating and other end product such as wrapping paper with banana leaf motif.

This wrapping paper usually wrap for many purpose…
Such as food or other products

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Our Product Paper Treatment and Coating

We produce paper with special treatment in order have add value such as waterproof and grease/oil proof and also can make this paper have low water vapour transmission rate and low oxygen transmission rate

We can make many various gramature. From 20 GSM until 80 GSM. Also available in brown paper or any kind of paper.

We can make from 250 GSM until 500 GSM.

Wrapping paper with banana leaf motif. Have water proof and grease/oil proof in both side. So it is very similar with real banana leaf, Available in size 28 x 38 cm.

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Paper Making Process

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